Time for play & pocket money
In this shop you will find an assortment of LEGO wallets that can be used for both play and pocket money. You can have fun teaching your boy or girl about money in company with their favourite figure from LEGO® NINJAGO or with designs from the well-known LEGO® FriendsTM universe.

I want a wallet just like mum and dad
Your child has probably discovered that mum and dad often use debit cards instead of money when shopping. Many children would like to be just like their parents and therefore you will find card holders in LEGO wallets.

"Take care of your things now"
… You have probably told your child again and again. LEGO wallets can be worn around the neck, or across the body with the associated and removable strap that further features a safety buckle should you or your child need to quickly open the strap and loosen the wallet from the body.

Wipe off with a damp cloth
The wallets are made of dirt and water-resistant material so that they can withstand rough play from children and you, as the parents, can clean the product with a damp cloth. If you choose a LEGO wallet, you also choose a PVC free product, without phthalates and AZO dyes, produced according to the European REACH regulation.
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