A Famous brand loved by many
You will find a large selection of school bags, backpacks and sports bags in this category. LEGO bags for boys, girls, men and women; the age range is wide if you are a true LEGO fan. The broader part of the assortment is primarily for children aged 3-13.

Bags made for good times
For excursions or travel, for kindergarten or school, for handball, soccer or other sports. Here you get a large selection of bags, that both meet practical needs with nice features as well as bring a smile to everyday encounters, with its colourful and familiar patterns and graphics.

Your child knows the story
You get design options with reference to known LEGO worlds when choosing a LEGO bag. Did you know that the Green Ninja has energy as its elemental power and the Red Ninja controls fire?  And that Emma is the artistic girl in the flock of friends and Stephanie the sporty one? You may not know the stories, but your child does. Bring your imagination to life with the many designs from LEGO® FriendsTM, LEGO® City, LEGO® NINJAGO® or with the iconic brick and minifigure designs.
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